Success Stories

Success Stories

#1 India – Kamini Jha
Sapphire Executive Director, 2010 – 11

Past is History, Future is Mystery, Present is the gift of changes you have made in life. Our journey with Oriflame has been an unending series of changes. Initially our Dream was to become a Senior Manager in Oriflame, today President Director is a short term goal. Yesterday we were shy, introverts living in our cocoon today we perform on a Global Stage. Yesterday, we lived each day as it came along-today our calendar is filled for months ahead. Oriflame has given us vision, a series of Goals and a time bound action plan to achieve fulfillment in life. We have made that change!
We have travelled a long way with Oriflame – from a Maruti 800 to a fleet of cars, that includes a Honda, a Toyota and soon a Mercedes. From a single flat in downtown Kolkata to multiple homes in posh areas of Kolkata. Children’s education as shifted gears from Kolkata to Stanford! We have made that change!!
To Say Oriflame is an opportunity that changes your life and lifestyle, is an understatement. It is an opportunity that helps you change life of thousands of people whom you touch. It helps you create Legacy. Oriflame makes you immortal.
Our formula of Success: Do more than you are asked for and contribute more than is required. Go the extra mile. Make that change!


#2 India – Archana Nigam
Double Diamond Director, 2010 – 11

Owing to having a Diverse network spread out ALL across India and Abroad I was unable to make the most of SARPIO. Then I decided to take it up one by one in each location and train my Leaders to use SARPIO within their network. As a result now I have independent, organised, motivated Leaders some of whom are SARPIO champions.
Name, Fame, Money, Luxurious Foreign trips (an average of 3 per year), secure future for not only me but my children as well are some of the things I got with Oriflame. But the one thing I prize the most is thousands of friends across the globe, their blessings and all that I got to learn due to the exposure I got. It truly enriched my life. Secret of my success is Honest, Consistent hardwork and Faith. Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible!
I believe if you DARE to Dream Oriflame helps you fulfill your Dreams.


#3 India – Mitali Mookerjea

Double Diamond Director, 2010 – 11

Yes, we always believe and claim Oriflame is a WAY OF LIFE for w e two, for last 13 years. LOOK GREAT, MAKE MONEY, HAVE FUN, is virtually a philosophy of ours, since these three put together make this world of ours a happy and peaceful living place not only for we two, but if really practiced, can make everyone equally happy and good.
As we think of our growth in Oriflame over the years, we go into the introspection and find how we have really changed ourselves in respect to our working method, to suit the purpose of all – round success, for the entire team, as a whole. One such glaring example remains, Mass Prospecting and Invitation thereto in a really innovative way, so that invitees get the thrill of attending our assembly. Three Unforgettable slogans of Oriflame – YES, YOU CAN (2009-2010), DARE TO DREAM (2010-2011) AND MAKE THAT CHANGE (2011-2012) created spark in our body and mind, induced us to do something more than ordinary, and fulfill our dream of two titles in a year, Senior Diamond Director and Double Diamond Director in 2010-2011.
Our achievement leads us firmly to believe – Excellence is not a one – time achievement, it’s a habit. And constant, sincere practice of same all through, JUST MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE.


#12 India – Renu Sharma

Diamond Director, 2010 – 11

‘Success is about having vision, setting goals and striving to achieve them inspite of all difficulties’.
If we have faith in our dreams we can turn an obstacle into an opportunity, the Scar into a Star. It is this attitude and persistence which has helped us to move forward on the path of growth.
Our dream of owning a house in a posh locality, premium car and luxurious trips abroad have become reality.
Now our next dream is to become a President Director.
We have already MADE THAT CHANGE  in our working style which has brought a sense of team spirit, togetherness and stability in our network.
We are sure with our team of strong and dynamic leaders we will realized their dreams as well as ours.

Source: Oriflame Cosmetics 2012.