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Oriflame India Catalogue 2013

Oriflame India Catalogue 2013:
Oriflame Cosmetics launches products catalogue every month as well as for their next month also, so that their Oriflame Consultant can start working on next month also in advance so that they have a break free sale with good business strategy. Oriflame Cosmetics product range: Skin Care, Make-up, Fragrance, Body Care, Hair, Accessories. The Oriflame India Catalogue app brings the world of Oriflame to life at the touch of a button. Instant access to the latest news from Oriflame, including new products, exciting offers and useful beauty tips are available. Details on product launches and special offers allow consultants to create a more engaging experience for their customers. The initial version of the Oriflame India Catalogue app is identical in design to the printed catalogue, in order to make the transition into the digital world as smooth as possible for consultants using the catalogue as a selling tool. The Oriflame India Catalogue app is distributed through the iTunes App store.

Oriflame has over 40 years’ experience in producing beauty products, combining the best natural ingredients with the latest scientific research. Our accumulated knowledge and experience has been gathered into one dedicated Research & Development team which is in two locations, Dublin, Ireland and Stockholm, Sweden. Oriflame Cosmetics offers 900 cosmetic products at any given time, more than a third of which are newly introduced each year. Each product is extensively tested in Oriflame laboratories to ensure optimum safety, efficacy and quality. No Oriflame product has ever been tested on animals.

Oriflame is a direct-sales (Network Marketing) beauty cosmetics company that has a presence in over 62 countries. All consultants are given Oriflame sales guides and management tools that will assist them in developing their marketing campaign.

Oriflame makes cash bonuses and incentives a standard part of its rewards program to motivate consultants in their new business endeavors. Read, research, and ask questions to ensure that the Oriflame opportunity is the right fit for your lifestyle, work ethic, and business endeavors.

Oriflame India Catalogue 2013

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  1. vaishali shreyash rami

    I love oriflame…

  2. catalogue january 2013

  3. product are very effective but service is not good

  4. I love oriflame , but always I have to wait for the products already ordered.

  5. I love oriflame products its too effective but middlemen service is not good.. i like to continue and need new agents for me. im waiting for your good result…

  6. I love it it’nice

  7. I love oriflame.

  8. i really love it….. it’s so effective in my skin.

  9. oriflame is so good, i like the most.and i suggest all should try atleast one time to trust the oriflame products.

  10. I like oriflame product very much.


  12. ilove oriflame iuse only oriflame


  14. i love oriflame but i want compact powder details plz send it

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